IT Circular

1IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_29102015_61Warranty Claim SystemClick Here
2IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_06092015_60Internal Stock Transfer SystemClick Here
3IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_26102015_59Central Monitoring SystemClick Here
5IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_26102015_57Customer ClubClick Here
6IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_26102015_56Meeting MinutesClick Here
7IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_21092014_55SMS Confirmation after Job Cards ClosingClick Here
9IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_53Tata Genuine And Non Genuine PartsClick Here
10IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_52Free Service Coupon (new / Old)Click Here
11IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_51Codification Of Parts NoClick Here
12IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_50Labour Jobs CheckClick Here
13IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_49Manual GatepassClick Here
14IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_48Mis : Lub ConsumptionClick Here
15IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_47Mis: Vehicle HistoryClick Here
16IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_46Nitol Customer Club : Owners Id And Driver IdClick Here
17IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_45Tata Touch SmsClick Here
18IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_44Service Marketing : Customer Contact Entry / Modification And Csi ReportClick Here
19IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_43Online Accounts Cheque SystemClick Here
20IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_42Billing Form UpdateClick Here
21IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_41Newly Launch Integrated Online Accounts SoftwareClick Here
22IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_40Parts Receipts Form ModificationClick Here
23IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_39Parts Issue : Pick Alternative Part NoClick Here
24IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_38Parts Manager : Receipt From PcbuClick Here
25IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_37Parts Manager : Current Stock Report NewClick Here
26IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_36Parts Manager : No Stock Register (updated)Click Here
27IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_35Parts Manager : Requisition From Csd To Spd (updated)Click Here
28IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_34Pink Book Customer System ManualClick Here
29IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_33Back Order Modification (spd)Click Here
30IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_32Job Information EntryClick Here
31IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_31How To Create A Job Card For New CustomerClick Here
32IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_30Spd Stock Report From Csd Web SiteClick Here
33IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_29Parts Issue : If Demand Quantity Is Greater Then Available QuantityClick Here
34IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_28Parts Issue : Alternative Part NoClick Here
35IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_27Mis Report : Local Foreign Parts Purchase AnalysisClick Here
36IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_26Parts Manager : Requisiton From Csd To Spd : Some Modification AddedClick Here
37IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_25Mis Report : Bay Wise Analysis (spare Bill And Labour Bill)Click Here
38IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_24Mis Report : All Workshop Summary Stock StatementClick Here
39IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_23New Feature Added : Mis ReportClick Here
40IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_22New Menu Added Parts Manager : Sales Price Lower Than Cost PriceClick Here
41IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_21Modification To View Preview Bill Amount In FormClick Here
42IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_20Add New Feature In Parts Receive Form As Purchase From Spd, Local And Others Like Stock TransferClick Here
43IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_19New Menu Add For Part Manager :requisition From Csd To SpdClick Here
44IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_18New Menu Add For Part Manager : Receipt From SpdClick Here
45IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_17Parts Manager : Non Moving Item, Item Ledger, Current Stock Report, No Stock Register, Re Order Vs Todays StockClick Here
46IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_16Description On Inventory ProcessClick Here
47IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_15New Menu Added Parts ManagerClick Here
48IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_14Digital Customer CareClick Here
49IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_13New Feature Added In Parts IssueClick Here
50IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_12Modification On Revenue Report Click Here
51IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_11New Method On Parts IssueClick Here
52IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_10New Menu Added Labour With Add PriceClick Here
53IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_09New Menu Added Labour EntryClick Here
54IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_08New Method On Job Card Entry And Jobcard ModificationClick Here
55IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_07New Menu Added Grb PostingClick Here
56IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_06New Menu Added Parts Receive ModificationClick Here
57IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_05New Field Added On Parts Receive FormClick Here
58IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_04New Leble Added In Item Receipt Report Grv WiseClick Here
59IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_03New Menu Added : Combine BillClick Here
60IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_02New Parts Type Added In Parts Received FormClick Here
61IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_17062013_01New Field Added In Customer Entry & Modification Form, Field Name "bl Date". Also Display In Jobcard Report Click Here
62IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_14012015_59Parts Issue, Labour add & Revenue ReportClick Here
63IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_23012015_60KAM Customer Job Card NotesClick Here
64IT CIRCULAR_REF_NML_SE_IT_SOFT_07032015_61Job Card Related Documents Upload & DownloadClick Here